Sunday, July 11, 2004

My cable modem has been really busy lately. Sharing the Groove is a great bit-torrent tracker site used to share 'bootleg' cd's and dvd's. Hundreds of cd's get posted each week (live, studio rarities, etc.) - nothing commercial and the RIAA may someday go after you although they have yet to do much about bootleg traders. STG has recently had lots of server problems so keep trying if you can't get in and hopefully they will get this resolved.

Alternative sites for bootlegs:

Sidewalk Crusaders - mostly Pearl Jam
etree - mostly jam bands

Keep track of your bootleg collection and share it with the public at etree too! Click here to see my list of over 1000 bootlegs.

Damn, I forgot I had this blog but no big deal, I don't think anyone is reading (and why should you?) anyway. Add this to the other million or so blogs that get updated five times and then dissapear forever.

I found some fun lately by going to news.google.com and seeing up a news search for 'RIAA.' They then send me a news recap of what nefarious activities the RIAA has been involved in for the day.

Fluxblog is a blog that I have been reading lately. They are not technically FREE and LEGAL MP3's but they are definitely interesting (and obscure).

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