Monday, September 29, 2003

Otis Fodder had/has a radio show dealing with what many of us like to call 'Outsider' music. The show was taken offline when the copyright fees for internet broadcasting were instituted and in it's place 365 days was born. So far this year we have been able to download and listen to over 250 songs ranging the gamut from religion to advertising to old children's music to school choirs to people who think they can sing but can't. This site is very highly recommended.

The Lively Ones - Nothing Really Changes

The Purple Fox -
Acid Test/Patch of Grass/Git Some/Getting Busted/Requiem for Jimi

Today I would like to highlight the grand-daddy of them all (at least as far as I am concerned) - Internet Underground Music Archive. It may not be the biggest and it may not be the best (one can always argue I suppose) but it started out WAY back in 1993 (which is a really long time in web years, go to the wayback machine to see for yourself!). Hell, I remember downloading MP2 and short wav/au/etc. Clips from these guys before MP3 and high speed net access hit the masses! In fact, I remember at about this same time frame downloading a live Pearl Jam concert in MP2 and converting it to el-crapola CD quality CDR (on a $5 CD-r blank none-the-less). But I am rambling...

Explore IUMA for yourself, there is something there for everyone. I think that I could easily spend the rest of my life just listening to songs that I could download from IUMA. Being that my tastes run to the eclectic/rock side here are a couple of my all time favorites here:

Mott's Dots - Hitler's Nightmare

Sr. Retarda & menos273graus - tentando ser bunito

Wicked Tinkers - A Flame of Wrath For Squinting Patrick

Saturday, September 27, 2003

I was recently in Salt Lake City and caught the Appleseed Cast live in concert. Amazingly good show and I went ahead and bought all of their cd's after the show (props to file sharing, I downloaded an Appleseed Cast album that turned me on to this band.. see RIAA, this does happen!).

Here are FOUR free downloads from their 2003 album, Lost Songs.
Here are FOUR free dowloads from their 2000 album, Mare Vitalis.

Apparently, you can also listen to their entire 2003 album in streaming format at www.theappleseedcast.com.

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